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Cereal Bar Making Machine
The new trend for consumption of healthy, innovative and practical food, which has occurred recently, has leaded the market of cereal-bars to a gradual growth. Cereal-bars are considered healthy type of food, because they are rich in fiber, however, poor
Muesli Bar Machine
According to Mintel, the cereal bars category is defined as granola bars (made up of products like Nature Valley granola, Quaker Oats’ chewy granola and Kudos granola bars) and breakfast bars (including such products as Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain, General Mill
Cereal Ball Machine
The machines are designed to process cereal-based products. Various types of binder agents can be used to form the cereal mix into shape - directly, gently and efficiently - using a moulding station, without any cut and waste.
Cereal Bar Forming Machine
Cereal-bars are made of processed cereal grains that can be incorporated with different ingredients, such as whole cereals,dehydrated or crystallized fruits,chestnuts, nuts, almonds, sugar, candies, chocolates, etc.
Cereal Ball Forming Machine
The residues generated from the fruit processing system, such as peel, seed and bagasse, may be used in human diet by means of appropriate techniques, thus avoiding the waste of materials that may be used, by aggregating value to them, and these material
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